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Wealth Advisory

The Four Pillars Of Wealth Advisory
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If you would like a more managed approach to your investment portfolio you may want to consider a wealth management account*. A properly tailored wealth management account has many benefits.  One key factor is removing the emotions out of investing. Studies have shown that investor emotions have hindered performance for many individuals, especially when trying to manage their own wealth. 

We will demonstrate that we care about protecting, preserving, and growing our clients’ wealth.We have worked with clients across generations, earning their trust while understanding their changing investing profiles.

On an ongoing basis, our clients can expect to receive from our experienced team of financial professionals, unbiased and up-to-date market information from which we can make sound recommendations based on our identification of risk, value, and the personalized portfolio characteristics of each client. Not only can we customize each client’s portfolio, but we also take the extra steps necessary to implement, monitor, and communicate.  Our attention to detail has been a treasured hallmark of our firm from the beginning.

To develop an effective investment portfolio, a skilled professional will consider your personal financial objectives which are based on your time horizon, risk tolerance, age, and other circumstances unique to your needs. 

A correctly designed investment portfolio can mean the difference between struggling to have enough money to live a financially comfortable lifestyle and peace of mind as you approach retirement. Our investment management process utilizes a disciplined, yet personal, four-step method implemented by your financial advisor that is shown below:



After you and your financial advisor have had a comprehensive interview about your goals, a risk profile questionnaire is completed and the initial plan of action incorporating your goals and your risk tolerance is created. This is your initial financial roadmap. At that point, we will evaluate and recommend an investment management and risk strategy that meets your needs.

Our investment process includes the following:

  • Assessment of goals, objectives and risk tolerance
  • Creation of Risk Score Assessment
  • Determining the asset allocation model, and portfolio structuring


As we go through the above steps in our investment process, we keep you apprised along the way. We want you to understand the “why” behind our decisions. We can also provide ongoing education and information along the way. As you transition through certain life events, we keep in mind that asset allocations may change to keep them in alignment with your goals. These life transitions may be events such as marriage, divorce, children in college, inheritance, change of career/job, business expansion or closure, disability, death, and other personal or professional occurrences. We have a “partnership” with our clients and that partnership also transitions with them through good times as well as challenging times.

While we are very proud to be a success and to be recognized in the financial services industry, we respect—and are grateful to—our clients. We understand the value of humility. Not only is it valuable to our success, but it is also an important virtue and helps us become closer to our clients. We are humbled by our clients’ confidence, and their support.

To learn more about our wealth advisory and wealth management services, and how they may benefit you, please contact us




* Wealth Management Accounts and Investment Advisory Services are provided by subsidiaries of Percheron Asset Management Group, Inc.: Herold Advisors Inc. and Lantern Wealth Advisors, LLC.


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